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How to Check Windows Activation Status and Achieve Permanent Activation?

For Windows systems, successful activation means the ability to use all functions normally. So how does one determine whether Windows is activated? This article will introduce in detail methods to detect Windows activation status, and provide tips for achieving permanent activation.

Firstly, go to "Settings" - "System" - "About" to view the Windows activation status. If it shows "Windows is activated", it means successful activation. If it displays "Unactivated", reactivation is needed.

Secondly, right-click the Start menu PowerShell icon and select "Run as administrator". Input the command "slmgr -dli" and press Enter to view activation details. If it shows "Permanent", the system is permanently activated.

Thirdly, some third-party activation detection tools like RWEverything and ProduKey can be used. These tools check the registry and system files to detect activation status.

If Windows is found to be unactivated or activation failed, try re-entering the product key to activate, or use activation tools like KMS or Loader to achieve permanent activation.

In summary, maintaining genuine Windows activation allows full use of all functions legally. There are diverse detection methods, choose simple and effective ways to verify activation results. Achieving permanent activation avoids reactivation hassle for long-term computer use.